The Gold Coast Volleyball Club (GCVC) was officially registered as a not for profit organisation on 4th November 2016. Founded by Jaclyne Jones, Ashley Hinds and Peter Grootenboer, the focus was to provide an option for local Gold Coast residents to get involved within the sport of Indoor Volleyball. Within its first successful year of operation, GCVC had established a social training program, as well as entering four teams into the Premier Volleyball League (PVL) run by Volleyball Queensland. The PVL season culminated with two junior teams winning the QLD State Championships while the Women's team brought home the silver medal. During the year the women also competed in the Grand Prix Volleyball Tournament, also hosted by Volleyball Queensland.

The hard work and dedication from our founding members has paved the way and laid a solid foundation for our Club and we are excited for all that the future holds for both indoor and beach volleyball on the Gold Coast. 

We acknowledged the work and efforts by all three of our founding members. Thank you. 

The Founding Three 

Jaclyn Jones 

Ashley Hinds 

Peter Grootenboer

The History of Indoor on the Gold Coast 

The Gold Coast Volleyball Club was officially and legally formed in November 2016, but it was not the first volleyball club on the Gold Coast, and it emerged after many years of ‘informal’ indoor volleyball. Also, there have been beach volleyball ‘clubs’ across the Coast for many years. In 2011 an indoor volleyball training night was established by Aaron Alsop and national coach Andrew McAskill with the support of Peter Grootenboer at St Hilda’s School. This program catered primarily for secondary school students with three different levels of training – beginners, intermediate and advanced. This program then moved to Trinity Lutheran College in 2012, where a social competition was added. The program continued led by Andrew McAskill – Aaron Alsop moved on to elite sports management in PNG, and others including Amanda Fielding and Ashley Hinds. In 2015 this program moved to Kings Christian College and the coaches and coordinators were Amanda Fielding, Ashley Hinds and Peter Grootenboer. In 2016 three teams were entered from the Gold Coast into the first Queensland Junior Premier Volleyball League (PVL) under the leadership and impetus of Jaclyn Jones. The under 16 girls were coached by Sange Carter and won the bronze medal; the under 18 girls, coached by Jaclyn Jones, finished 4th with Izzy Laird winning the player of the tournament; and the under 18 boys who were coached by Sean McPhail, finished 6th. The teams trained at Benowa State High School. Finally, in 2017 the GCVC was formed and incorporated with Jaclyn Jones as the first president, Brett Bennett as the vice-president, Laura Klein secretary, and Ashley Hinds as treasurer. The club entered four teams in the Junior PVL, and a senior women’s team in the Queensland Grand Prix, and three teams in the Queensland State Championships, which the under 16 boys and under 18 girls won gold. The club coaches were Jaclyn Jones, Ashley Hinds, Alisha Stevens, Peter Grootenboer and Brett Bennett.

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